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The Comptroller of the Currency directs the agency in its mission to charter, regulate, and supervise all national banks, federal savings associations, and the federal branches and agencies of foreign banks.

Public Affairs serves as liaison with Congress, the media, and the banking industry. and oversees the agency's strategic management and enterprise risk management.

The Chief Counsel’s Office manages the agency’s seven legal practice areas, as well as licensing and community affairs activities.

The Bank Supervision Policy Department’s mission is to provide consistent and effective supervisory and accounting policy guidance, interpretation for examiners and bankers, and compliance supervision that assists in promoting a safe, sound, and competitive federal banking system; compliance with all laws and regulations; and community development activities. To develop and maintain automated supervisory tools that assist examiners in carrying out the agency mission of a safe and sound federal banking system.

Midsize and Community Bank Supervision ensures that midsize and community national banks and federal thrifts operate in a safe and sound manner.

Large Bank Supervision ensures that large banks and thrifts and federal branches and agencies operate in a safe and sound manner.

The Office of Management provides financial management, facilities management, information technology, and human capital support services to the agency.

The Economics Department supports the agency through off-site analyses of changing economic conditions, industry trends, and banking conditions, and on-site direct exam support.

The Office of Enterprise Governance and Ombudsman ensures the OCC maintains strong governance, complaints, and appeals processes.

The Office of Minority & Women Inclusion administers the OCC's equal employment opportunity and alternative dispute resolution programs, and develops standards for matters related to diversity in management, employment, and business activities.