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Bank Information Technology (BIT) Supervision

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BIT supervision encompasses a wide array of technology-related activities.

  • BIT Management, a critical component of an institution’s overall corporate governance.
  • Information Technology Risk Management includes emerging risks such as cybersecurity.
  • Information Security Risk Management ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems and data.
  • Business Continuity and Resilience for technology and business operations.
  • Acquisition and Development includes project management processes and software development controls.
  • Technology Operations includes systems architecture and capacity management processes.
  • Third Party Risk Management manages the outsourcing of information technology services.
  • Integrated Examinations assessing information technology operations supporting specific business lines, including credit, capital markets, asset management and other risk areas.

Opportunity: BIT Bank Examiner

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has opportunities for BIT Specialists in Large Bank Supervision, Midsize and Community Bank Supervision, and in the Headquarters policy area known as The Chief National Bank Examiner’s Office (CNBE).

Large banks supervised by the OCC generally have assets of $50 billion to $3 trillion, with examination teams in cities across the country.

Midsize and community banks have assets up to $50 billion, and are supervised by examination teams in field offices across the country.

The Chief National Bank Examiner’s Office (CNBE) develops and issues guidance and supervisory policies to address sound practices, emerging risks, and compliance with laws and regulations. The CNBE also interacts with the other federal banking agencies to develop consistent examination and supervisory guidelines and coordinates interagency oversight of significant technology service providers supporting the banking industry.

If you have expertise in technology-related activities, possess analytic skills, and communicate effectively, consider a career in BIT supervision with the OCC.

Meet Our People

Gregory National Bank Examiner Cleveland, Ohio
Christina Project Management Analyst Washington, D.C.
Audrey Senior Policy Accountant Washington, D.C.
Heitham Extranet Program Specialist Washington, D.C.
Jasmine Attorney Washington, D.C.
Kathy National Bank Examiner Houston, Texas