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Special Counsel

Dallas, Texas

Education: Northwestern University, JD ; Vanderbilt University, BA in sociology and political science
Joined OCC: 2011

My Background

Before law school, I was a Dunn Fellow for the former governor of Illinois and was interested in politics. During my summers at Northwestern, I clerked at two major law firms that dealt with financing and bankruptcy and developed an interest in financial law. Before graduating, I attended a job fair in New York where I spoke with an OCC attorney about the agency. The opportunity seemed like the perfect way to merge my interests in financial law and public service.

A Day on the Job

I work in the OCC’s Southern District Counsel’s office supporting examiners during their safety and soundness exams. If an examiner discovers something unsafe or unsound, we take a look to determine whether there is a legal basis for taking action to correct the weakness. I’ve also participated in bank investigations and enjoy conducting interviews with witnesses. It’s like solving a puzzle.

My Experience as an OCC Attorney

The agency encourages young attorneys to get involved on very high-level projects. For example, I took sworn statements, very early in my career which wasn’t something I expected. After talking with classmates and colleagues, I realized that I’ve had opportunities to develop my skills that don’t always exist at other organizations.

On Our Rotation Programs

Last year, I completed a six-week rotation with the Special Supervision division to learn more about how we work with banks experiencing financial trouble. It was a great way to work on different projects and experience a new line of work. These opportunities help me gain a more complete understanding of our mission. During the first year at the OCC, the OCC Honors Attorney Program allows attorneys to rotate with four practice areas within the Law Department before a permanent placement is set.


Take ownership of your career and invest in yourself. Be proactive in discussions with your supervisor or have informal interviews with people in the agency to learn more about what they do. It will help you become a more well-rounded person and employee.

Outside of Work

I enjoy traveling internationally. I’ve been to Brazil, Turkey, Thailand and several countries throughout Europe. I enjoy experiencing and gaining new perspectives on different cultures.