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OCC Salary Structure

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) offers highly competitive salaries designed to reward education, experience and excellent performance. The OCC salary structure provides pay ranges for jobs with comparable responsibilities.

Unlike most civilian federal agencies, the OCC does not follow the General Schedule (GS) Pay Scale. The General Schedule has 15 grades—GS-1 to GS-15—and the Senior Executive Service (SES). The OCC’s Compensation Program, the NB Pay Plan, consists of nine pay bands, NB-I through NB-IX. These pay bands cover positions from the entry-level to the senior executive. Employee compensation is based on the duties and responsibilities of the position, employee performance and expertise, and the increased contributions employees bring to their positions as they develop and apply broader skills.

Pay Bands by Occupation NB Pay Bands
Non-Commissioned Bank Examiners III and IV
Commissioned Bank Examiners V
Senior Bank Examiners VI
Attorneys IV, V and VI
Economists V and VI
Other Professional Occupations (e.g., FM, IT, HR, Acquisitions) III, IV, V
Administrative Support Staff I, II, III, and IV
Managers and Executives VI and above

2017 Base Salary Structure

Pay Band Minimum Maximum
I $24,030 $37,128
II $29,334 $49,900
III $40,267 $68,518
IV $50,117 $92,872
V.T $60,651 $110,447
V $69,709 $129,784
V.2 $76,680 $142,762
VI.T $77,031 $149,904
VI $90,058 $167,344
VI.2 $96,813 $179,895
VII $115,929 $215,513
VII.2 $124,588 $231,641
VIII $147,968 $268,000
IX $192,131 $281,000

Geographic Differentials (Geo Pay)

Geo pay is based on costs of labor and supplements employees’ base salaries to provide locally competitive salaries. It is included in an employee’s total salary.

Salary Calculator by Pay Band and City (Geo Pay)

Salary Range: $Min - $Max

View Geo pay Cities and Rates.

Salary Increases

Merit Pay Increase

A merit pay increase is a permanent increase in pay based on the quality of the employee’s performance. It is tied to performance objectives.

Merit Bonus

A merit bonus is a lump-sum payment to award an employee for significant contributions beyond the performance objectives.

Special Increase

A special increase is a 5 percent permanent increase to employees’ base pay for expanding their skills, knowledge, or responsibilities.

Promotional Increase

A promotional increase is a 10 percent increase in base pay given to employees who are promoted to positions in higher pay bands.

Step 2 Increase

A Step 2 increase is a 6 percent increase in base pay given to employees selected for placement in positions distinguished by a higher level of job complexity and responsibility.