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New-Employee Onboarding

Welcome to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency!

As an employee of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), you are now part of an independent bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury that has been in existence since 1863. You have joined an outstanding and dedicated staff working to fulfill our mission every day.

The OCC is committed to providing a work environment that supports career growth, professional development, and work-life balance for our employees. We are glad you joined us, and we will work hard to help you meet your professional goals.

We realize that the onboarding process for a new career in government can be complex—with background checks, security clearance, financial disclosures, potential relocation, and more. The information on this page will assist you as you navigate this process and begin your career at the OCC. Some of the provided links require OCC network access and will not be accessible until after you receive your PIV Card and laptop during orientation.

New-Employee Onboarding: Information & Tasks

  1. Review and Accept Your Offer Letter

    You will receive your official offer letter by email from the USA Staffing website. It will include many important details regarding the start of your new job.

    A. Accept Your Offer

    • Use the link provided in the tentative offer email to accept your offer.
    • If any of the information contained in your offer letter is incorrect, please contact the HR point of contact identified in the letter to make any corrections before accepting your offer.

    B. Review Your Office Location

    • If you are relocating, instructions will be provided in your offer letter.
    • Check out the OCC Locations List. Select an address for directions to your office.
    • Instructions about building access, parking, and transportation will be provided at orientation or in a separate email.

    C. Review Your Orientation Date and Location

    The date, time, and location of your orientation are included in your offer letter.

    • If travel is required for orientation, a representative from the OCC will contact you.
    • Information covered during orientation is provided under Phase 2: First Day & Orientation.

    D. Submit Your Official College Transcripts

    If college transcripts are required, your offer letter provides instructions to submit your official college record.

  2. Review Ethics Requirements

    The OCC promotes the highest standards of ethical conduct for all employees. Most employees, including all examiners and all attorneys, are required to file a financial disclosure report within the first 30 days of employment.

  3. Complete the New-Hire Forms

    Access the USA Staffing website and complete the required information and forms. This information is required before you start your first day at the OCC. The USA Staffing website will provide associated due dates for each form.

    • Direct Deposit (SF-1199A)
    • Federal Employee Withholding Allowance (W-4)
    • State Tax Form
    • Statement of Prior Federal Service (SF-144)
    • Official Educational Transcripts, if applicable
    • Ethnicity and Race Identification Form (SF-181)
    • Self-Identification of Disability (SF-256)
    • Declaration of Federal Employment (OF-306)
    • Home Address and Emergency Contacts
    • Veteran’s Data
    • Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)
  4. Apply for a Government Travel Credit Card

    If travel is required for your job, you must obtain a Citibank Government Travel Card.

    • Follow the application instructions in the Citibank document that is attached to your offer letter.
  5. Apply for Your Federal ID Badge and Initiate a Background Investigation

    You must complete Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) enrollment, and a background investigation must be conducted as a requirement of your employment.

    What to expect:

    A. Create a Personnel Administration and Security System (PASS) Account Login

    • Create your username and password using the link and login information that you received in the first PASS email.

    B. Complete All Initial PASS Tasks

    • Complete IT Security Awareness training. This is required by the OCC and is administered online via PASS.
    • Verify your personally identifiable information in PASS.
    • Complete the required Declaration of Federal Employment (OF-306) form and sign as “Applicant.”

    C. Complete the Next Steps to Obtain Your Federal ID Badge

    You will receive further instructions via a second email from PASS. Completion of these steps may require an in-person appointment. Transfer employees: If you have a federal ID badge from your current agency, you may not need to complete these steps.

    • If an appointment is required, it must be scheduled within seven days of receiving the instructions from PASS.
    • Review OCC PIV Card (HSPD-12) to find an appointment location.
    • You must bring two forms of acceptable ID (PDF) to your appointment.
    • You will be fingerprinted, and your photograph will be taken during the appointment.
    • If you are unable to make an appointment by the deadline, you must contact the OCC Office of Security for assistance.

    D. Complete All Background Investigation Paperwork

    PASS will provide instructions to complete your background investigation paperwork. If you have had a favorable background investigation within five years, you may not need to complete this requirement.

  • Attend Orientation

    Orientation details will be included in your offer letter.

    What to expect:

    • Orientation may be a single day or spread out over several days dependent on your role.
    • You must bring unexpired identification that shows that you are authorized to work in the United States.
    • Orientation will cover the topics listed below. Some of the provided links require OCC network access and will not be accessible until after you receive your PIV Card and laptop during orientation.

    A. Welcome, Introductions, and Take Your Oath of Office

    B. Activate Your Federal ID Badge

    Your federal ID badge is a personal identity verification (PIV) card that contains a computer chip, which provides you with access to OCC buildings and the OCC network via your laptop.

    • Your badge will be activated onsite at an OCC location or at a shared-services location that provides PIV credentialing services for federal agencies throughout the country. For questions, contact the OCC Office of Security.

    C. Set Up Computers, Mobile Device, Email, and Other Accounts

    Your IT equipment will be at your orientation site, or it will be mailed to your home if you are attending orientation virtually.

    • All employees will receive IT equipment based on their role. A mobile phone is provided, if applicable.
    • During orientation, you will receive briefings covering IT policies, cybersecurity, password assignment, etc.

    D. Finalize Your New-Hire Forms at Orientation

    You will present your identification and digitally sign the following forms at orientation:

    • Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)
    • Appointment Affidavit (SF-61) Federal Oath of Office
    • Declaration of Federal Employment (OF-306)

    E. Learn About Your Benefits

    OCC offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes both federal and OCC-specific benefits programs, including health insurance, life insurance, and excellent retirement program options.

    F. Activate Your Government Travel Card

    If you applied for a Citibank Government Travel Card, you will receive it at orientation.

    • Create an online account that includes registration and statement preference like a regular credit card.
    • You will need to complete new-cardholder training. This training will be assigned to you in the OCC’s Integrated Talent Management (ITM)  training system the month after you receive the card. You have 30 days to complete new-cardholder training after it is assigned.
    • Review OCCnet: Travel Card Program  for more information.

    G. Learn About OCC Ethics

    Ethics training includes a range of topics, including filing your financial disclosure report, avoiding conflicts of interest, and giving and receiving gifts.

    H. Learn About the OCC Organizational Structure

    I. Learn About Performance & Conduct

    Orientation provides an overview of performance planning and expectations.

    J. Learn About the OCC Training Program

    OCC provides a variety of training and development options for OCC employees.

    • The Integrated Talent Management (ITM)  system supports learning (online mandatory training, course registration, etc.) and is the training system of record.
    • All ITM user accounts are created automatically for new OCC employees. It may take 7-10 business days for employees to get access to ITM.
    • For more information: OCCnet: Training .
  • Meet With Your Supervisor

    You will meet with your supervisor after your orientation is complete. This meeting may occur virtually or in person.

    • You will have the opportunity to discuss your roles, responsibilities, and short- and long-term goals with your supervisor during your first few weeks on the job.

  1. Report for Work and Meet Your Team

    Learn your job duties and your way around the OCC.

  2. Record Your Time and Attendance in e-Time

    e‐Time  is our web‐based timekeeping system that all OCC employees use to record their hours worked, telework, and leave.

  3. Get Acquainted With OCC Resources

    Check out these resources:

    • GetHelp , the online system that employees use to request products and services from various OCC departments.
    • OCCnet , our intranet. Check out the following section: New Employees .
    •, our public website. Review OCC’s Strategic Plan and the About sections.
  4. Review Mandatory Training and Due Dates

    All mandatory training is assigned in the Integrated Talent Management (ITM)  system.

    • ITM user accounts are created automatically for new OCC employees.
    • It may take 7-10 business days for employees to get access to ITM.
    • Check out OCCnet: Mandatory Training  for more information.
  5. Complete Your Travel Expense Reimbursements

  6. Complete and Submit Your Benefits Forms

    You must submit all benefit forms in accordance with the timeframe indicated on the OCC New Hire Benefits Enrollment Checklist (PDF).

  1. Receive Your First Paycheck and Check Your Statement of Earnings and Leave

    Your Statement of Earnings and Leave (SEL) is accessed on your Employee Personal Page (My EPP) on the National Finance Center (NFC) website.

  2. Complete Assigned Mandatory Training by Due Date

    All mandatory training and associated due dates are assigned to you in the Integrated Talent Management (ITM)  system.

  3. Complete Your Ethics Requirements

    All employees are required to complete ethics training, and most employees are required to file a financial disclosure report within the first 30 days of employment.

  4. Complete and Submit Your OCC Benefits Forms

    You must submit all OCC benefit forms in accordance with the timeframe indicated on the OCC New Hire Benefits Enrollment Checklist (PDF).

  5. Establish a Performance Plan With Your Manager

    Employees and managers use the Performance Management and Recognition (PMR)  program for performance planning, mid-year, and year-end reviews.

  1. Complete and Submit Your Federal Benefits Forms

    You must submit all federal benefit forms in accordance with the timeframe indicated on the OCC New Hire Benefits Enrollment Checklist (PDF).

  2. Access Your Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF)

    Your eOPF contains all your personnel records that document your federal career. Records in eOPF include your personnel actions, benefits forms, etc. Your eOPF is created when you begin federal service and is maintained throughout your entire federal career.

    • Use your PIV card to sign in and check documents placed in your eOPF .