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Mortgage Banking Supervision

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Mortgage banking examiners/specialists review national banks’ and federal savings associations’ mortgage portfolios, and evaluate policies, processes, and risk management practices associated with those portfolios. Mortgage banking examiners/specialists also evaluate secondary marketing activities. Examiners perform these activities in order to assess the level of risk within the institution and determine how bank management measures, monitors, and controls that risk.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has mortgage banking examiner/specialist opportunities in the Large Bank Supervision Department, the Midsize and Community Bank Supervision Department, and at OCC Headquarters in the Bank Supervision Policy Department. Each of these departments offers a challenging work environment and strong opportunity for professional growth.

Large Bank Supervision

Large banks supervised by the OCC generally have assets of $50 billion to $3 trillion, with examination teams in cities across the country. Mortgage banking examination work in the Large Bank Supervision Department can be exceptionally challenging and exceptionally rewarding, as examiners/specialists have significant opportunities to develop and expand their skills in a variety of complex business and product types, as well as to interact with bank personnel who are experts in their field.

Midsize and Community Bank Supervision

Midsize and community banks supervised by the OCC are in cities throughout the United States. Bank examiner/specialist positions for these institutions, which range in size from the smallest community banks to banks with assets up to $50 billion, are in cities where the OCC maintains field offices. Many midsize and community banks have complex and varied operations, particularly with regard to mortgage products and services, as well as the customers and geographies they serve, which require commensurate examination skills.

Bank Supervision Policy

The Bank Supervision Policy Department is located at OCC Headquarters in Washington, D.C. The department develops and interprets supervisory policies to address sound practices and emerging risks and provides on-site and off-site examination support. The department collaborates with the other federal banking agencies to develop consistent examination procedures and supervisory approaches. Mortgage banking specialists in the Bank Supervision Policy Department may have the opportunity to represent the OCC, speaking for the agency at national and local banker meetings and trade association conferences.

If you are highly competent in mortgage banking activities, with a proven ability to identify and resolve problems, you should consider a mortgage banking supervision career with the OCC.

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