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Customer Assistance Careers

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The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) Customer Assistance Group (CAG) assists customers of national banks and federal savings associations in resolving complaints, coordinates with other banking regulators, and provides information to OCC bank supervision staff. The CAG operates a consumer call center, processes written and electronic correspondence, analyzes data to support bank examiners, and facilitates the sharing of information with many audiences.

Careers available within the CAG include

  • customer assistance specialist—The CAG employs customer assistance specialists with backgrounds in banking, bank examination, and consumer affairs with a focus on bank regulation.
  • customer assistance analyst—CAG analysts report on customer issues to bank examiners, banks, and others.
  • quality control analyst—Quality control analysts develop programs that help ensure quality service in all phases of CAG operations.
  • office automation assistants—Office automation assistants support CAG employees perform their daily tasks.

Meet Our People

Gregory National Bank Examiner Cleveland, Ohio
Christina Project Management Analyst Washington, D.C.
Audrey Senior Policy Accountant Washington, D.C.
Heitham Extranet Program Specialist Washington, D.C.
Jasmine Attorney Dallas, Texas
Kathy National Bank Examiner Houston, Texas