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Financial Management Internship Program

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The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is continuously looking for high-caliber undergraduate and graduate students to gain invaluable work experience through our Financial Management (FM) Internship Program. FM's mission is to “Safeguard the OCC through the Diligent Stewardship of Finances and Information.” An FM internship is an ideal platform for students from Accounting, Policy, Business Management, Acquisition Management, Records Management, and other related fields to kick-start their future careers.

The FM Division offers a range of competitive internships, offering students opportunities that are tailored to their own professional development and educational needs. However, all positions share the following characteristics, which are vital to a rewarding internship experience:

  • Interns are treated with respect, and their opinions are both encouraged and valued.
  • Our student professionals are given meaningful and challenging assignments.
  • Employees will work with interns to provide them with valuable hands-on training in the Financial Management fields.
  • Interns are financially compensated for their hard work.
  • Outstanding student interns have the potential for growth within the agency.

Qualifications and Requirements

The FM Division is looking for capable and self-motivated students who are comfortable shouldering significant professional responsibility. Qualified applicants must have a strong academic record and possess professional written and oral communication skills. Applicants also must be able to work a minimum of 18 hours to a maximum of 24 hours per week during the school year, and up to 32 hours during the summer while enrolled in school. Applicants are expected to commit to work for one full year from their start date. These positions are only available at our headquarters location in Washington, D.C.

In addition to a strong academic record, candidates should possess a sincere interest in the Financial Management fields. Applicants also must possess functional knowledge of Microsoft (MS) Outlook, Word, and Excel.

Internship Opportunities

Below is a list of the specific internship opportunities within FM. Each is accompanied by a description of the duties common to each position. Please note that this list is not comprehensive and includes only some of the major duties under each internship opportunity.

1. Acquisition Management

  • Research acquisition guidance and assist in the drafting of new internal procurement policies.
  • Assist full-time staff in award of Federal contracts and post-award contract management functions.
  • Maintain the MS Project plans to track improvement initiatives throughout the division.
  • Assist in the "close-out" process of open contracts.

2. Internal Controls

  • Review, plan, and implement Office of Management and Budget policy guidance for Federal agencies that is similar to Sarbanes-Oxley Act guidance for publicly-traded corporations.
  • Document and flowchart processes in the areas of general accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and financial reports preparation.
  • Finalize draft documents using a predetermined format.
  • Perform testing and auditing of existing processes to ensure compliance and best practices.

3. Policy

  • Perform requested research, edit documents, and incorporate edits from a number of stakeholders into policy documents that have been circulated for comment.
  • Provide interpretations of existing policies to agency employees.
  • Provide administrative support for policy development and updates.
  • Participate in meetings with major stakeholders involved in several internal administrative policy updates.

4. Records Management (RM)

  • Participate in record audits and evaluations.
  • Perform statistical analysis on RM metrics.
  • Use electronic management systems to organize and track electronic records.
  • Research and understand Federal RM regulations and guidance.
  • Assist in filing, maintaining, retrieving, circulating, and refiling OCC records.
  • Review records and process those records per records retention schedule.
  • Write finding aids/inventory lists of records pursuant to Federal guidelines.
  • Pack and move boxes of records.
  • Conduct data entry.

5. Financial Systems/Travel Operations

  • Maintain and monitor OCC's core financial and procurement systems.
  • Assist with system and report validation efforts.
  • Participate in the assessment of OCC's financial systems.
  • Assist with testing of new system enhancements.
  • Develop functional guidelines, policies, and procedures for financial systems.
  • Audit travel expense reports.
  • Monitor travel charge card accounts.
  • Respond to customer questions regarding official travel.
  • Assist customers with questions related to OCC’s financial systems as a staff member on the FM Help Desk.

6. Accounting/Accounting Operations

  • Process deposits from customers and payments to vendors.
  • Assist with general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable issues.
  • Create and reconcile accounting entries in the general ledger.
  • Document new accounting processes and procedures.
  • Communicate with both external and internal customers.

7. Budget

  • Assist in analyzing annual budget submissions from OCC business units.
  • Prepare and update executive level financial presentations.
  • Develop and update training documents on the budget formulation system.
  • Provide assistance on special research, analysis and drafting projects, as identified by the Budget Officer.

8. Front Office

  • Aid in developing and tracking metrics for all of FM.
  • Analyze performance data for FM and compare them to established benchmarks.
  • Draft analytical memoranda for the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO) for distribution to FM and other stakeholders.
  • Provide assistance on special research, analysis, and drafting projects, as identified by the DCFO.

Duties & Responsibilities Common to All FM Internships:

  • Participate in the OCC's "Quick Win" process improvement program.
  • Enroll in Lean Six Sigma process improvement training.
  • Test and analyze key business processes to ensure the effectiveness of internal controls.
  • Attend monthly career development meetings with the DCFO.

For more information, email the Financial Management Internship mailbox. Please do not send any resumes to this address; they will not be considered for internship opportunities.

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