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Human Capital Internship Program

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Start a rewarding career in the Office of Human Capital at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and make a difference helping to ensure the safety and soundness of America’s federal banking system.

Expand Your Opportunities

As an intern in the OCC’s Office of Human Capital, you’ll help recruit, hire, pay, and train more than 3,000 dedicated professionals who supervise national banks and federal savings associations. You’ll get valuable experience analyzing the effectiveness of the workplace, developing and implementing key policies, negotiating labor issues, and consulting on important issues affecting the OCC team.

You can choose from a range of internships with opportunities tailored to your goals and educational needs. All internships include:

  • Meaningful and challenging assignments
  • Formal coaching and mentors who offer valuable career insight
  • On-the-job formal and informal training
  • Visibility to HC Executives
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • The possibility of converting to a permanent employee and building a career as a member of the OCC

OCC internships are guided by a step process facilitating intern professional growth and maturity, ultimately leading to the possibility of building a career as a member of the OCC. The step process your Manager will engage entails:

Step 1: Students will gain knowledge of Human Capital through exposure and training. Students will become acclimated to the OCC during this time.

Step 2: Students will work closely with experts to obtain department specific knowledge. Technical and analytical skills are obtained through the assignment of meaningful work. All interns are evaluated and assessed both formally through performance reviews and informally through everyday work.

Step 3: Independent work assignments is expected as students have a greater responsibility for department specific duties.

Ideal Candidates

Top candidates are likely to have or pursue degrees in business, human resources, training and education, information systems, psychology, or related fields and should have interest in developing their knowledge of federal human resources. A top candidate will gain experience in conflict management, diversity and inclusion, statistical analysis, or research and analysis. Successful candidates will possess strong communication and interpersonal skills, outstanding customer service, excellent teamwork skills, a passion for continuous learning and improvement, and substantial analytical abilities.

Internship Specialties

You may apply for an internship in one or more* of the following specialty areas:

  • Compensation and Benefits— Student interns will work directly with compensation and benefits experts to assist in the design and implementation of compensation systems, benefit programs, retirement, and rewards. This work requires significant interaction with managers and employees in the administration of our programs. You should have an interest and aptitude in compiling and analyzing data and in helping us improve and document our work processes.
  • Human Resource Systems and Processing (HRTPI)— Work in this area requires proficiency or interest in using Business Analytics, PeopleSoft, ReportBuilder, and other software to help the OCC analyze data and to measure workforce risks. Student interns will work with experts to collect data, analyze findings, and present results. You should have an interest and aptitude in leveraging automation to effectively support HC business processes.
  • Labor and Employee Relations— Working in this unit, student interns will assist staff in providing management with advice concerning employee misconduct, poor performance, and other employee relation programs. Interns may also work alongside experts in advising management on interactions with unions. You must have an interest in conflict resolution and an interest in learning about OCC’s rules, regulations, and collective bargaining agreement. You must write clearly and develop memoranda, charts, and other documents that effectively convey key data and conclusions.
  • Recruitment— Student interns will work closely with recruiters to attract and retain a highly qualified and diverse OCC workforce. This work requires a desire to work in a fast-paced, team environment. Interns must have an interest in learning how to develop, execute, and finalize a recruitment strategy. Student interns working in this area produce recruitment reports and evaluate data to advise business units on effective recruitment strategies. Interns will conduct outreach to appropriate groups who complement the OCC mission. They learn job analysis and work with staffing experts to fill jobs. Interns also support external recruitment activities at college and job fairs. You must have an interest in meeting and dealing with people, availability to travel, solve problems quickly, and a keen eye for details.
  • Staffing— Student interns will work with staffing experts who hire and place individuals at the OCC. Core staffing functions include position classification, job analysis, position management, qualification requirements, public notice requirements, applicant assessment factors, internal/external placement, and hiring flexibilities. You will represent Human Resources when working with managers and employees on significant hiring and placement issues. To work in the staffing area, one must become familiar with several guidance documents and implement them to meet the OCC’s hiring needs. As a result, interns in Staffing must become familiar with the different ways to fill jobs and learn what circumstances warrant their use. You must have an interest in effectively communicating with managers on complicated issues, and coordinating several projects at one time. Research skills and being able to adapt to a fluid work environment is a must.
  • Continued Education and Training—Working in this unit, student interns assist with the development, administration, and analysis of OCC training programs. Those with formal studies in Instructional Systems Design can also gain exposure to practical application of their field in a Federal environment. Working with subject matter experts, instructors, and training experts will be expected. You should have an interest in working with others, training activities, and the field of continuing education.

* Student interns who demonstrate an ability or passion for more than one functional area may be able to complete rotations or details to more than one functional area during the course of their internship.

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