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Senior Policy Accountant

Washington, D.C.

Stay confident and resourceful in the face of difficult tasks, and maintain a can-do attitude.

Education: Cleveland State University (CSU), MS in accountancy and financial information systems; Shanghai University, BA in library science
Joined OCC: 2012

My Background in the Industry

After graduating from CSU, I worked as a collateral auditor at an Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)-regulated large bank.  I then worked with the audit practice of a big four accounting firm for more than eight years. Most of my clients were in the financial services industry, so I became familiar with the OCC’s reputation as a prominent regulator.

My Favorite Thing About the OCC

I enjoy the complexity of my work and the opportunities I have to polish my technical and leadership skills. I use my industrial knowledge from past positions and continue to grow professionally through formal training and collaboration with other subject matter experts.

A Supportive Environment

My managers have been great counsels. We have a strong support system in the Office of Chief Accountant (OCA), which makes work feel like a second family. I’m also a mentee in a mentoring circle focused on leadership development with The Women’s Network. The three mentors and five to six mentees meet once a month. Our discussions are thought provoking, and I’ve applied ideas from our meetings to my daily work.  

Collaboration With Bank Examiners

In OCA, we support examiners on accounting matters. I may travel to assist on examinations or clarify accounting questions for examiners in the field. To gain a more complete understanding of the exam process, I plan to take the Uniform Commission Examination. I hope to gain a broader perspective on bank supervision to work more effectively with examiners.  

Advice for New OCC Employees

You’ll encounter challenging projects almost daily at the OCC. Stay confident and resourceful in the face of difficult tasks, and maintain a can-do attitude.

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